Wellness By Design is a functional medicine clinic located in Greenville, SC.  In February 2018, they partnered with StatusDigital to lay out an effective marketing stratgey that made sense for 2018. Their main marketing channels upon our discovery conversations, was a huge reliance on Old Traditional Media. We quickly did an analysis of their current market and laid out effective digital strategies to initiate growth and bring their marketing up to date .

StatusDigital was able to increase Wellness By Design’s Hormone Replacement Therapy programs revenue by 90% through August 2018 while supporting the team as they ironed out personnel issues. Most importantly Status laid out a strategy where the business could operate on its own systems. Status continues to fuel tremendous business growth allowing them expand their product offering and target even more profitable clientele.

The Problem

After analyzing the current business model for Wellness By Design, it was apparent early on that they lacked the resources or knowledge to leverage new consumers that were looking for their exact services. The clinic was missing directional advertising strategies. 95% of new patients were coming from referrals and Dr. Connie’s reputation showcased on a local TV station.

''...almost like someone finally turned the lights on for our practice.¨
Randy Carver
CEO - Wellness By Design

The Solution

After analyzing  current market trends, we realized very quickly that there were over 2,300 independent searches a month for Wellness related services in the Greenville, SC market. We immediately launched a stream-lined Google Ad-words campaign to spur targeted actionable traffic to their website. Since launch we have generated over 389 new calls during the first 30 days.

In addition to Ad-words, we deployed our proprietary SEO process, while working on the internal pages of the website. By optimizing the internal pages for highly profitable search terms we were able to capture over 400+ searches a month in organic Google traffic. This action resulted in new patients almost immediately for the practice.

Finally, we launched our targeted Facebook Ad’s lead system to a “special offer” which generated over 155+ new leads for hormone replacement therapy. These leads converted into thousands of additional revenue for the organization.

New Services Offered
Page 1 Organic Listings
New Calls ( 90 Days)

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